Our unique design allows the bed to be lowered to as little as
67mm from ground level


Single Door

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Double Door

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CodaCare Aged Care wardrobes are robust and functionally appropriate for Hospital and Aged Care. This Aged Care Wardrobe has a double door providing storage for  valuable personal belongings and larger items.
The overall design is modern and versatile, able to fit in well with any room décor. This Hospital Wardrobe is strong and durable and made in Australia.

You can choose from our existing range of healthcare wardrobes or have it resized or custom made to your specification.

Your furniture can be designed for a specific purpose or made to fit your plans. We ensure that your product meets regulatory requirements and we use materials backed with the requisite standard certifications that are customary in the healthcare industry.

CodaCare understand the rigorous process of tendering for large scale projects and can therefore partner with you to achieve your objectives. We have staff experienced in tendering to commercial, government, subcontracting and private sectors.