CodaCare takes pride in offering the widest selection of quality overbed tables, bedside lockers, beds, overbed table frames, laminated table tops, Thermoformed top and custom-made furniture at the lowest prices in the field. We can claim that our product is one of the best in the market today among the competitive products considering our price and quality. This claim is based on the feedback we received from our clients.

Bulk discount applicable for all our distributors. Low freight costs Australia wide.

Distributors, we can partner with you to achieve your desired results.

Our story starts way back in 1967, and to this day we continue to build on our heritage of user-centric design, quality local and overseas manufacturing and outstanding client service. As leading Healthcare furniture suppliers, we believe in providing long term value for money for Australia’s Hospital an Aged Care Facilities. We do this by starting from the ground up; from the moment we begin designing each product, to the moment you receive your order, you and your patients will be treated with the respect and attention you deserve.

You can choose from our existing range or have it resized or custom made to your specification.

Your furniture can be designed for a specific purpose or made to fit your plans. We ensure that your product meets regulatory requirements and we use materials backed with the requisite standard certifications that are customary in the healthcare industry.

CodaCare understand the rigorous process of tendering for large scale projects and can therefore partner with you to achieve your objectives. We have staff experienced in tendering to commercial, government, subcontracting and private sectors.

Please view our new range  www.evoaustralia.com.au

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