• Thermofom top
  • Hospital overbed table with antique white thermoform top 225T
  • Hospital overbed table with beech thermoform top 225T
  • Hospital overbed table with birch thermoform top 225T

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  • Thermoform tops

    Thermoforming technique is used in joinery and tables tops to provide a durable finish, often designed to replicate natural timbers.
    Thermoforming is the process of bonding a durable and decorative plastic film to a core panel using heat and pressure. Thermoforming often also use melamine resin to provide hardness. There is a huge range of thermoforming finishes available.
    Most modern healthcare furniture is manufactured using this type of thermoforming construction.
    In aged care and healthcare applications it is important to ensure that the edges have no gaps and provide an adequate bond to eliminate the ingress of water and bacteria. Thermoform top has 5mm raised edge to prevent plates etc from sliding off and also to control spillages that might occur.
    When used in aged care and health care, thermoform top should be manufactured with radius corners to eliminate sharp corners.
    Thermoform tops are economical, highly durable, heat and water resistant are a good choice for table tops and other joinery pieces in aged and health care.
    Hospital Thermoform top - Aged care Thermoform table tops